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27-03-2020 16:19
I hope all is ok in the Netherlands

06-01-2020 20:57
2020 is here, who have thought that we ever made it to this date. I mean, lots of SiFi movies are about 2020, and now we live it, lol. Have a nice 2020 everyone!! Grin

17-12-2019 00:54
I'm here Spy. Another Christmas. 13 years later. Wow!

14-12-2019 01:44
Hi TB! Well, its that time again, december, end of the year! Not sure if i will visit again in the next 2 weeks or so. So, for now, have a nice Christmas and new year 2020! Grin Have writen a thread t

03-11-2019 16:51
Baltic where are you.

12-10-2019 23:44
Still here, shame Baltic seems not to be joining anymore. Still, he keeps giving us this place. 2020 is around the corner. Grin

08-08-2019 23:19
Hey buddy. Nice to hear from you. And girlfriend, after many do I ! Shock

28-07-2019 15:19
HI TB! Yep, still around. Haven't been here for months though, all well, have a girlfriend, Shock

11-07-2019 01:38
Hey guys. Are we all still around?

28-04-2019 18:53
So, was a while not around, am just here to see whats happening

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LeonCoD2 (For Call of Duty) 1.0

* Play Information *

Game : Call of Duty
Type : single player only
Supported Modes : no
Players : 1


You get extracted in the first of four big sp-maps as a American soldier somewhere outside a big German city with 3 other soldiers at the end of the second worldwar in the year 1945. Your mission is to fight your way trough the city to a little hotel. Somewhere in the basement of that hotel a English spy is held in a jailcell. He was captured on a secret mission as a high German general to collect classified information.The SS will interracate in the next few days and it is very important that you find him before the SS can get information out of him. Therefor you have to free him and lead him out of the city, you have to succeed, whatever it takes.

leon brinkmann

October 06 2010 19:13:34
Download 513
Version: 1.0
License: In Download

Download Stats Downloads: 51
Downloaded: 9153
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