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03-11-2019 16:51
Baltic where are you.

12-10-2019 23:44
Still here, shame Baltic seems not to be joining anymore. Still, he keeps giving us this place. 2020 is around the corner. Grin

08-08-2019 23:19
Hey buddy. Nice to hear from you. And girlfriend, after many do I ! Shock

28-07-2019 15:19
HI TB! Yep, still around. Haven't been here for months though, all well, have a girlfriend, Shock

11-07-2019 01:38
Hey guys. Are we all still around?

28-04-2019 18:53
So, was a while not around, am just here to see whats happening

07-02-2019 02:20
Hi Spy. I was in Germany for about 1.5 years. Glad to be back in the USA except for this crazy President

11-11-2018 14:51
Half Life 3 VR, Valve is working on 3 new big titles, in VR! Will HL3 be one of those?

05-11-2018 20:11
WOW! How fast time flies by! One more month and 2018 is coming to a end! What kind of great games will we play in 2019 ???

06-10-2018 16:56
I read your old thread about moving to there and in there you said you would go from 2017 to 2019, o well, it is indeed almost 2019.

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It can be done...
TB Biggs
Adam Foster from the Minerva: Metastasis mod has joined Valve for Ep3

The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.
Viper Snijboer
I remember that mod, It was with that helicopter at the beginning on a island? Wow! he is joined in the valve! Shock
Now i wanna say, I hope SPY and Cubedude and TB Biggs and baltic are going to join valve! Because of those good mods! Grin
Ow yeah and i can't wait to play stridermountain!

Edited by Viper Snijboer on 20-07-2008 09:39
From now on.... Well, You wont remember...
thanks Viper, seems that you won't need to wait much longer anymore, the development is really nearly done now. a real reease date i can't give yet, but we really talking weeks now. i know, still weeks to go, but, after 1,5 years of working on it that's not much anymore.

i am amazed to read this about Adam, i wish him well.
its indeed that mod you described, with the heli and that island, although that's only the first map, and there are 3 or 4 no, made in 2 years or so.
personaly i don't understand all the fuzz about that project, i played nearly all the maps, but i always found them;
-way to dark!
-and not very logical, i had to walk a whole lot back and forth before i knew where to go in them.
so, no, i didn't find them that good at all.
but i will stop bashing, because it doesn't look any good when i do that as one mapper to another. still, i found those maps just ok, but,...ok....

still, i wish him well, strange though, with CtoA we did write valve severel times, but, we did get NO REACTION WHAT SO EVER, never.

and looking at all the comments we did get about it, and the download numbers, we are at least as good as MInerva, but ok, who am i to say these things, lol.

still, i really am glad for him, hope he will work there for years to come!


Look for my Sof2, Quake2, Cod, HL2, Cod2, Prey sp-map in the Download section of
I agree Minerva isn't even on my top list of best mods. It was ok... but personally i didn't enjoy it much. I never saw the hype in it :S
Baltic Forever
Obviously Valve thought differently.
But I find it strange that he doesn't start working on EP3 until September.
Actually it may have something to do with the summer holidays.

Anyway i also wish him luck in his new job Cool
< It may be difficult at first. But don't Give Up. >
Black Dog
I agree with you spy,the game was too dark and confining. I mean,where could you go in a little island like that? No where but down. Where it is always dark.

What, I like about your maps is you have a little bit of everything.

Minerva was o.k. C to A is fantastic,as well as Strider Mountain. leonHL2_1 was very good,I just got through playing it! I also can't wait for the release of the rest of Strider Mountain!

Did, I mention that Minerva was too dark?

Keep up the good work and Thank you guy's!
Edited by Black Dog on 08-05-2009 04:52
TB Biggs
Black Dog-welcome, thanks for posting the comments and cool name!
The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.
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