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03-05-2018 12:38
By the way, have made 10 maps with Broforce game, you can see video's in my Broforce thread here on

03-05-2018 12:36
Hee, TB, nice to see (hear) you !!!! In a few days i will be able to show you some video footage of my DL map! Grin

28-04-2018 22:26
I have Dying Light but have not started. Want to see your new work

26-04-2018 19:58
Believe it or not, but, am DYING LIGHT mapping now! Whoehoe! Soon i will be able to show you something..... Leon

07-03-2018 12:14
I am always amazed by the amount of people that still look at our threats here on Hundreds of people see them! Is everyone well? Leon

01-01-2018 23:08
HNY 2018, another year here we go

25-12-2017 21:34
All the best for 2018

23-12-2017 00:58
Have a great ending of 2017 and a lovely 2018, Grin full of gaming (and modding?)

28-10-2017 13:12
Dein Deutsch ist immer besser, sehr gut! LOL Grin

17-10-2017 23:28
Just back from urlaub in USA. Alles gut und du?

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Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour

a mouth full for a new game, specially when it concerns the latest
version of the old Duke3D game that was released in the 90-ties.
yes, you read it well, they remastered the old duke, with all its old
weapons, enemies, levels, etc. Made on the ..... Buildengine.
I am quit sure a lot of young people will be amazed by this old / new
game and will discover a lot of Buildengine games as Shadow Warrior,
NAM, etc.
To top it of they even added new levels, a complete chapter in fact with
6 new large levels. A down side, it does coast 20 euros on Steam.
Yep, 20 (!!!!) euros for a old remastered game with just 6 new levels.
And for that it is a whole lot of money!
Am playing it and i have to say, it feels and playes like old times and at
the same time it still is quit a new experience because of the new remastering
because textures have now real depth and the lighting is almost dynamic.
This does make me think again about using the buildengine for a indie fps
game. Because when people are ready to pay 20 euros for this and it is clearly
a case of that the Buildengine is still not so old looking that people won't play
it anymore.
Here is the trailer;

YouTube Video

Look for my Sof2, Quake2, Cod, HL2, Cod2, Prey sp-map in the Download section of
Baltic Forever
I've been looking into that and it's basically the same game with slightly improved graphics (+ some new levels).
They did the exact same thing a few years ago when they released the game again with slightly inproved graphics.
< It may be difficult at first. But don't Give Up. >
Yes, i read about that. The Mega Duke version or something like that, totaly missed that one. Just read a week ago or so about it. You know how i download my games, but i also wouldn't buy it, just for those 6 new levels, which most of don't even look that detailed, just large rooms full (read; F U L L ) with monsters. Insane! But, still fun.

This brings me to that i am quit amazed about how well games are doing it on such low engines. Because even when this is the same old shit, people still buy it, for 20 buck(!), for those 6 new levels. Just this morning i noticed a new doom mod, (you know, the old doom from 1996 or so). You should think hardly anymore would be interested in that. Normaly such mods get a few hundred downloads at the most. Not this one, in 2 days they did get around 13.000 downloads!!
This is a mod that does rebuild the original Nintendo 64 version for pc. Maybe that is why it is so popular, but still. Such numbers do amaze me.
And that brings me yet again back to a old subject, making a fps indie with the buildengine. Because with such numbers i start to believe again that it is posible to make a fps indie with it that could be at least a little bit populair. Should it be sold around 10.000 times, for say 5 euro's a piece. Then that would be worth it to make it i assume. But, i know. Its still the old Buildengine and with that comes a lot of trouble, doesn't run on windows and needs a lot of coding and stuff. Would need someone who takes care of all that, and that is not easy.
Still, a man may dream right, lol.


here is that doom mod should you be interested, you need a WAD file to be able
to play it which can be found in any doom game, is just about a few kb's big. I could
give you one if you want;
Edited by SPY on 01-11-2016 13:30
Look for my Sof2, Quake2, Cod, HL2, Cod2, Prey sp-map in the Download section of
Baltic Forever
Maybe you could try the editor out again and see if you still enjoy using it.

I've downloaded that mod and will take a look at it when I have time.
< It may be difficult at first. But don't Give Up. >
Have been thinking about just fooling around with it again for the fun, but,
am sooooooo layzy the last few months. Am even tired before i start doing anything,

Look for my Sof2, Quake2, Cod, HL2, Cod2, Prey sp-map in the Download section of
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