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27-08-2018 23:58
Hi guys. I am back in the USA now. Moved back in late July.

03-05-2018 12:38
By the way, have made 10 maps with Broforce game, you can see video's in my Broforce thread here on

03-05-2018 12:36
Hee, TB, nice to see (hear) you !!!! In a few days i will be able to show you some video footage of my DL map! Grin

28-04-2018 22:26
I have Dying Light but have not started. Want to see your new work

26-04-2018 19:58
Believe it or not, but, am DYING LIGHT mapping now! Whoehoe! Soon i will be able to show you something..... Leon

07-03-2018 12:14
I am always amazed by the amount of people that still look at our threats here on Hundreds of people see them! Is everyone well? Leon

01-01-2018 23:08
HNY 2018, another year here we go

25-12-2017 21:34
All the best for 2018

23-12-2017 00:58
Have a great ending of 2017 and a lovely 2018, Grin full of gaming (and modding?)

28-10-2017 13:12
Dein Deutsch ist immer besser, sehr gut! LOL Grin

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Our MoHaa sp-maps (videos);
So soooooo funny, i just now looked up Mohaa Leon and what do you
think, there is footage of it out these. I always thought i ddn't release it
because of the bad fps it had, (didn't know about optimizing then, lol).
But it seems it was released, so people played it and even made video's of

MAP 1;
YouTube Video

MAP 2;
YouTube Video

3th map he didn't record because of the bad fps, and i remember the 3th map
indeed as a huge fps problem.

Fun he?!


( i did find by the way a great site which Cubedude upload all my work to till thenWink
Edited by SPY on 24-12-2016 18:40
Look for my Sof2, Quake2, Cod, HL2, Cod2, Prey sp-map in the Download section of
Baltic Forever
I forgot how crap the graphics were in that game. Now games look almost like movies.
< It may be difficult at first. But don't Give Up. >
Hahaha, i had the same feeling. I also was amazed by the bad graphics!!
And to know that i really do remember very well how blown away i was back then when i first deed see footage of MoHaa. Simply couldn't believe it, but, i 'came' from mapping all day with duke 3D, so compaired with that it still looks awesome.
But, i had the same feeling also, funny!

Look for my Sof2, Quake2, Cod, HL2, Cod2, Prey sp-map in the Download section of
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