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12-06-2017 12:23
Hallo hallo. Wie gehts?. Ciao und bis spater TB

28-05-2017 11:34
Not a real problem, that yotube thingy. These days its 30C here, 30C !! Way to warm for me! Shock

14-05-2017 22:13
It looks like I'm going to have to upgrade the entire site because there is nothing I can do to get the YouTube videos to work Angry

14-05-2017 11:39
I will look into it when I get home later today. Just been really busy the last few weeks. And it still isn't warm enough for me over here.

13-05-2017 14:08
Baltic, for some reason i couldn't make the videos show in my Strafe thread, the youtube button doesn't show them for some reason.

09-05-2017 14:29
Springtime, wether is getting warmer, NICE! Grin

15-04-2017 21:17
I can relate to that TB because some nights I forget how to speak English Shock

08-04-2017 13:43
Well said TB, i do by the way, like it quit a bit. Will be hard for you because most Germans don't speak English at all i believe. Much success with that! Shock Grin

07-04-2017 12:22
Ich spreche kein deutsch Angry

04-04-2017 23:14
I was going to suggest you change your language to German to get your PC working Wink

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The Darkness 2 (game tip)
Many times i thought i needed to make a topic here to tell you
guys about a new game i played. But most of the times i didn't
do so just because the game wasn't all that good.

But from time to time we play a game that stands out from the
rest, and The Darkness 2 is such a game when you ask me.

Lets start with the overall look and feel of the game, the game looks
like it is drawn as a drawing, (no photo realistic textures etc), which
gives it a Borderlands, Bioshock feeling, which i always like. Secondly,
the gameplay is very fluidly and interesting also, because you can
shoot weapons but at the same time you can use your devil arms
which have extrodinary powers and options. And then there is the story.
A lot of games have stories you forget ones you played them, but this
one is so toughshing and livelike that it really gives a extra dimension
to this game. And, what was i amazed to learn that this game is already
nearly 5 years old (2012)!

So, i assume it is rather cheep by now.
Therefore, when you are in need of a new game to play then considder
The Darkness 2 !!!
(Darkness 1 was only on console avaleble, another fun note is to know that
the game is made after a comic book!)

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Look for my Sof2, Quake2, Cod, HL2, Cod2, Prey sp-map in the Download section of
Baltic Forever
That was one of the best games I have played, and I think I have played it four times now.
< It may be difficult at first. But don't Give Up. >
that can easely be the case Baltic, becasue you can play it with 4 different karacters, with different powers and such. Did play it ones, but really really liked it.

Look for my Sof2, Quake2, Cod, HL2, Cod2, Prey sp-map in the Download section of
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