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28-10-2017 13:12
Dein Deutsch ist immer besser, sehr gut! LOL Grin

17-10-2017 23:28
Just back from urlaub in USA. Alles gut und du?

07-10-2017 13:13
How are we all doing guys? Wink Leon

07-09-2017 17:08
Thanks for fixing it Baltic, because i use the Search quit often. Grin

04-09-2017 18:31
The Search button is now working. There ware just a couple of script files left over from a previous version that were causing a conflict.

27-08-2017 13:37
DID WIN PLACE 14 IN SERIOUS SAM MOD CONTEST! (14 out of 20). So, rather bad, lol

16-08-2017 09:52
Hi Baltic, the "search" button doesn't seem to work anymore on this site, do get a error message. Wink

26-07-2017 12:34
Serious Sam Bogus detour mod released!

12-07-2017 11:00
Working hard on the Serious Sam mod and all goes well, will show stuff before the weekend!! Grin

01-07-2017 21:26
It's probably better than mine TB.

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Video of Mortal Coil (SoF2 sp-mod)
As you know do many people make video's of my mods but for some
odd reason nobody ever did record a video of the Sof2 sp-mappacks.
For at least a years i thought about making them myself, and now i have
done so. The next few days i will upload all parts of the Mortal Coil mappack.
Here is the first part;

Edited by SPY on 18-08-2017 16:59
Look for my Sof2, Quake2, Cod, HL2, Cod2, Prey sp-map in the Download section of
Baltic Forever
I remember that mod. The next time I install SoF2 I will play it again.
< It may be difficult at first. But don't Give Up. >
Have updated 3 video's already, will soon have the full mod
in walkthrough video's. After that i will start working on the other
Sof2 mods.

here are the links to the 3 parts;

video 1

video 2;index=2

video 3

video 4

video 5

as you can see am i done with making and uploading all 5 parts of Mortal Coil, will start working on the
other Sof2 mods video's
Edited by SPY on 07-09-2017 17:09
Look for my Sof2, Quake2, Cod, HL2, Cod2, Prey sp-map in the Download section of
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