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29-09-2014 04:59
Congrats, sounds impressive. Also, Spy, I sent you a text edit.

28-09-2014 11:03
I've just spent over a week building a 3D printer and it actually WORKS!!!! Smile

29-08-2014 20:55
We talked about this already and i hope it will do you good! Smile

28-08-2014 20:08
I will be building the device tomorrow once the components have arrived from RS. I,m hoping it will help with concentration, depression and back pain. But I still need to do a lot more research.

28-08-2014 03:57
Researching and doing are 2 different things. What is the reason for the research into tDCs?

26-08-2014 20:05
I've been studying Electronics for the last three weeks. I've also been doing a lot of research into tDCS (google it).

25-08-2014 23:28
Finally Moddb mod update placed, see thread for link please! Grin Shock

22-08-2014 12:57
My internet was dead for 8 days!!! But, now i am back!!! Grin

07-08-2014 17:16
Cube, my man!! Nice to see you back here!!! Grin

07-08-2014 14:44
Always good to see cube back here. Memories for sure

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Final Project
From the makers of Coastline to atmosphere and Strider Mountain comes our latest Mod.
Final Project

Click on the "Read More" link to Download.
From the makers of Coastline to Atmosphere & Hypercube:Source
a new Half Life 2 single player modification
survive the summit