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26-09-2016 13:53
I'm off to Germany and Ireland for 2 weeks. I'll update you when i get back in October

21-09-2016 12:23
wow, seems i haven't been here for at least 3+ weeks!!!! Sorry, will come by more, miss it. Smile

29-08-2016 18:57
That will explain why my server sometimes gets overloaded. And I'm fine TB. Just a little over worked.

27-08-2016 05:15
That's so nice to hear spy. congrats. Hope you're doing well friends.

23-08-2016 14:58
i just checked for the fun the download section and am amazed to see hundreds of downloads for all my old mods from before my HL2 time. great!

23-08-2016 14:46
i can imagine, and windows 10. My broiher needs it for his work but isn't satisfide with it at all. Are you?

09-08-2016 20:54
I installed Windows10 just over a week ago and It's going to take months to install all of my Steam games again.

07-08-2016 18:58
I know what you mean, i guess i spent each day about 2 to 3 hours on line, and i game the same amount. Am playing Just Cause 3 now, love it!

06-08-2016 18:55
I decided to take some time out over the last couple of weeks because I'm spending way too much time on the internet.

09-07-2016 21:45
Hope you had a good trip TB. I will start a topic about Brexit because it will be interesting to hear how different country's are reporting the news.

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Final Project

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